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This is an urgent emergency programme with the purpose of changing the current destructive trend of youth in Kenya.Youth in Kenya particularly in the Mt. Kenya Area are destroying their lives, lives of their household, lives of their community and the national life in many different ways including:-

  1. Disruption of their education system: such activities disrupt the education system and join other non profitable active alcoholism, crime ,militia, political thuggery  and being misused by political opportunist
  2. Disruption of economic and productive activities such as employment in agriculture, in industries, in service industries, just to mention a few. This occurs when people are placed in jobs because of reasons such political interests, corruption, nepotism, patronage and not as a result of professionalism and merit.
    1. Destruction of infrastructure such as transport, schools which is attributed to loss of focus and confusion in life caused by unregulated drug and alcohol use.
    2. Disconnect between education system and work reality in the field shown by the elusion that graduates have as they leave school and find an opposite reality outside there.
    3. Generally working opportunities though present are not organised which leads to shortage of working opportunities for the skilled youth.
    4. Lack of a national transparency in information about available opportunities.
    5. High level of insecurity in urban areas leads to high youth dissatisfaction and non comfort.
    6. Media creates unfulfilled expectations e.g. the media displays high level life and the youth cannot be able to afford.