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Food Security; established in 1980, it aims at alleviating hunger and malnutrition by facilitating inculcation of appropriate technologies, promoting use of locally available foods and enhancing access to crop and animal production assets, lobbying and advocacy.

In this area, ADSMKE is involved in changing the negative attitude to land cultivation especially by the youth, whereby they are encouraged to engage in up coming agricultural methods as a way of improving their lives. ADSMKE has also added value to the community by introducing portable gardens eg multi-storey garden and has been urging the communities to use natural chemicals to spray the crops (organic farming). The nomadic communities are also encouraged to incorporate agriculture as a way of life, where possible. The organization also trains farmers on good storage facilities and techniques so that they are able to store what they harvest till the next season instead of selling all. By so doing ADSMKE is enabling the community to be food secure.