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Participatory Evaluation Process (PEP)/Church & Community Mobilization Process (CCMP)
Church & Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) is designed to mobilize and empower communities to engage in holistic ministry by discovering who they are, their potential (identify available resources and use them to meet their needs) and envisioning their destiny. CCMP has been implemented in ADSMKE since 2002 by engaging the local communities with tangible and encouraging results. It is seen as one of the best approaches to empower the communities. Through this programme a strong sense of self esteem and good family relationships have been built, crime rate has gone down since members are busy with project activities.

The key factor is the level of community cohesion and capacity to cope with shocks and disasters; it also mobilizes funding opportunities from different sources.


1. Awakening the Church

2. Church and community description

3. Information gathering

4. Analysis

5. Decision making.

Who Makes CCMP journey a success?

1. Supportive leadership at all levels of Church structure

2. Motivated community members



  • Smooth working relationships
  • Holistic human transformation
  • Sustainable change
  • Local churches transforming people
  • Empowerment of people
  • Emphasizing on Local resources
  • Changed ‘changing’ change Agents
  • Emphasize on the process rather than Product
  • Help people reaching God-given potential


  • Smooth relationships
  • Increased commitment to God’s work
  • Income Generating Activities (IGAs ) established
  • New churches built
  • HIV /AIDS issues being addressed
  • Equips the church to be salt and light in the community
  • Equips Gods people to do acts of mercy
  • Reduction in domestic violence within families
  • Denominations working together
  • Increased giving in churches [offering, tithes, thanksgiving]
  • Evangelism teams formed /strengthened
  • Improved access to water
  • Vibrant  departments
  • Visionary churches /leadership
  • Improved health and food security
  • Church caring for the vulnerable people
  • People coming to Jesus
  • Increase in number of believers Churches
  • Deepen understanding of the Bible
  • Enable the church to have a clear vision for holistic ministry
  • Build trust and unity between the church and community  etc