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Since 1998, ADSMKE has been engaged in income generating projects that augment and assist the organization in its sustainability, hence the term sustainability project. The project has enterprises in all the stations. The enterprises include; a hospital, health units (clinic and laboratory), hostel/ accommodation facilities, farms, livestock units, bureau shop and a cafeteria. The station development committee manages the project at the station level and at the regional level a management committee manages it. The project is placed under stringent accounting and financial procedures to ensure that resources generated from the enterprises are used optimally.

Health Units (Clinics, Laboratories and Hospital)

As stated earlier ADSMKE is complementing government efforts by offering health services at affordable rates that cater for the poor. The organization is consequently operating static clinics in all the stations which have clinics and laboratories and because of the HIV pandemic some clinics like Wang’uru offer VCT and PMCT services. The organization also has a refferral centre in Kerugoya referred to as ACK Mt. Kenya Hospital. The hospital offers inpatient, out patient, theater, laboratory, maternity, funeral home, chapliancy and Counseling services. In the same hospital we also find a HIV/AIDS support group that is really benefiting people from Kirinyaga and other surrounding districts.

Hostel and Conference Facilities

Because of the training programmes we hold at the community level, the organization felt it was necessary to build hostel and conference facilities in all the stations namely; Wang’uru, Mayori, Macumo, Mitunguu, Maua and Isiolo. These facilities are used to train the community on the various aspects as stated earlier and are also hired to other individuals, government and organizations. In this way we compliment the government by offering education and education facilities to the citizens. In the hostels we have halls that are hired for other functions like MP meetings, Chief barazas, wedding receptions and other functions and we promote African dishes in our meals.

Farms and Livestock (Cows, Goats, Chicken, Rabbits, Sheep) Units

These units are used as training grounds for the community to come and observe the recommended farming and livestock husbandry practices. The organization usually holds field days that are like shows where the community is taught from the farms for free, every twice a year. The animals in the livestock unit like goats, kenbro chicken, cows are used to upgrade the communities breed. The products from the farm like maize, water melon, millet, sorghum, beans, mangoes etc are sold to the community at very good rates. The products from the livestock unit like eggs and milk are sold to the community.

Bureau Shop

In line with our principal of bringing the services closer to the people, ADSMKE has opened a bureau shop that offers services such as photocopying, typesetting, spiral book binding and selling stationery.

Rental Houses

These houses are rented both to the staff and the community at very reasonable rates. The houses are located in the stations compound and are therefore in secure places.