ADSMKE Macumo Station

About Us

ADSMKE Macumo is one of the eight centers of ads mt.kenya east region working under the social development arm of the Anglican Church.

Macumo center was initiated in the year 1991 to empower community on food increase program until the year 1998 when it started integrated development. The program incorporated natural resource management, sustainable livelihoods, capacity building and community empowerment, social development, integrated health and station enterprise.

Macumo center is based at Ugweri market along the Embu Ishiara route which is 26 km from Embu town,6kms from where you branch , Meru, Ishiara junction, and two km from Ugweri along Siakago road.

Our Programmes

The center has got hostel facilities, conference hall, wedding group and prayer places quite place for relaxation.

The facility host boys and girls mentorship in the month of October, November and December, boys are taken through rite of passage  by  Mt. Kenya Hospital, mothers, fathers and guardian mentorship is also done.

Individual persons for honey moon, prayers, groups hire facility for use or meetings.

The farm is normally used as center demo with various technologies demonstrated.

The center has formed farmers group who process sunflower oil and seed cake for animal feed.

The center is able to stock the hybrid seed for high quality and quantity oil production.

The farmers have ventured in to production as they have identified the value of the sunflower plant, others have ventured into business with the oil, the stock is used for mulching or animal feed thus some call it the magic plant.

The center emphasizes on poultry production tendering for one month where farmers get the chicks while vaccinated and they carry them at a fee.


Due to the climate change and variability risks, ADSMKE Macumo is  focusing on coping mechanisms and adaptation opinions by way of-

Crop farming promoting  drought tolerant or drought escaping crops, adoption of irrigation agriculture, increased use of compost manures to develop soil fertility, soil structure and texture, pest and disease control methods, use of early maturing crops and better weed management like conservation agriculture.

Introduction of agro-forestry measures that assist environment in windbreak, livestock fodder, fruit trees, timber, fire wood, control of  soil erosion and leaves help in provision of mulch materials.

Promotion of on farm water conservation and harvesting methods including terracing, redirecting of surface run off water to farms, zia pits and conservation agriculture.

Promotion of environmental awareness campaigns at schools and farmers forums for environmental conservation and sustainable development issues.

Promote Research and capacity building among communities through FFS approach methods and on farm trainings to enhance more knowledge and skills among farmers.

Macumo is currently working on community food security and nutrition program in the lower part of Embu working with Kithimu and Riandu location up to the year 2022.

That is the food security and resilience of the population in the target region of Manyatta and Runyenjes constituencies has increased.

Rehabilitate degraded land, environment and natural resource management in the targeted area.

Improve nutritional status of women and children –quality and diversity of nutrition.

Success Stories

Mr. Nyaga 61 years old from Gacage Group in Embu is a farmer living with his wife and children.

Before engaging with trainings from ADSMKE Macumo, Nyaga had sold a ¼ of his land to educate his daughter in college.

When he attended a residential training at ADSMKE Macumo in the year 2011, Nyaga started poultry farming as he used to cultivate khat (miraa) before then.

He realized that poultry farming had better money than khat ,he was used to chewing khat and drinking beer so the khat money did not help much in meeting the family needs.

Poultry farming required feed so Nyaga decided to cultivate maize for food security,and poultry feed which assisted in lowering the cost of poultry feed.

By the end of 2012 Mr Nyaga had uprooted all the khat in his farm,planted some bananas and watered them from his shallow well which he used to irrigate the khat. He later went to clean his teeth which had been damaged from chewing khat .

Since quiting khat, Nyaga was able to add dairy goat and a cow in his livestock project.

Currently Nyaga has grow to be self sustaining in his home being food secure and his lifesty has changed spiritually, economical and socially.

He is happy constructing a smart brick house which he has never thought of in his life.

Nyaga talks of few challenge in marketing of poultry and bananas due to low prices and broker cartels that spoil the market prices.

Nyaga recommends that ADSMKE Macumo to strive working with the vulnerable communities where government is not able to reach.

Nyaga states that a poor person or drug addict has no place in the society, but he thanks the church as it is working to fulfill God’s mission on earth and ADSMKE Macumo needs to reach out that target group