ADSMKE Maua Station

About Us

ADSMKE Maua station was started in 1988, with aim of fighting food insecurity, poor health services, poverty, lack of clean domestic water and environment conservation. The station is situated on the east side of Maua town, 300mtrs from main highway on your way to Nyambene sub-county hospital.

ADS Maua station is located within Meru Diocese of Anglican church. The area is dominated by the Nyambene range which creates the diversity of the physical landscape. They determine the availability of water because many rivers flow southwards into the Meru national park, leaving the habitable arable land with few or no rivers.

The livelihood of the communities in the area depends on agriculture and pastoralism. Miraa business being the main farming activity carried out here

Our Programmes

ADSMKE Maua has been implementing a conservation agriculture project from 2016 up to date. The project is funded by the Food Resource Bank-FRB, Through World Renew Kenya, For four years ie from 2016 to 2024. ADSMKE being the local implementing partner. The project is based in Tigania East and West, it is working with two groups each with an average of 30 members per group. Targeting  200 household with an average of 5 members per household.

This programme has continued to grow in terms of membership and capital base, whereby it has a membership of 230 and a capital base of 2.1 million shillings shares. The programme encourages its member to build up their shares and later on members take loan three times of their shares and they guarantee one another as they take loans

We have a medical centre and laboratory in the station. Our services are accessible and affordable to all our clients. This is made possible because we are sourcing our medicines and other supply from reputable organizations like MEDS, KEMSA and CHAK

Our farm is currently planted with fruit trees and nuts, to mitigate the losses it has been registering all the year round, Therefore we have decided to plant grafted mangoes, to the already planted mangoes, grafted avocadoes and macadamia. So we are hoping in a few years to come, we will be registering profit.