ADSMKE Mayori Station

About Us

ADSMKE Mayori station is one among 8 development stations within Mt Kenya East Region. The station is charged with the responsibility of undertaking development activities in the Anglican Church of Kenya within Mbeere diocese in Embu county. The station was initiated in 1994 as a food increase program.  This was motivated by frequent droughts and food insecurity situation in the catchment area. It took a sectoral approach to development, and in 1998 its approach changed to integrated development approach thus undertaking integrated services to the community in a holistic way in order to fulfill Gods mission to his people.

Our Programmes

The following activities are undertaken with a purpose of building the capacity of the farmers on drought resistant crop varieties for increased production. These are; field and station demonstration, field visits, one day training, Residential trainings, Exhibitions, farmer field schools, Planting of trees, making of soil and water conservation structures and conservation agriculture

Distiling dam has been done by the community members in order to increase the volume of surface runoff which could take them for a longer period.

In Kiambere, through the partnership of Kiambere community and ADSMKE Mayori have been able to do a rock catchment and constructed 3 tanks which have the capacity of 150000ltrs each. The tanks will give water to 570 Households.

Through community mobilization, the communities have been able to plant trees in the degraded areas like Kiambere hill with a purpose of promoting Environmental management and conservation in the farmers farms. The purpose of planting trees is to promote environmental management and conservation.

At Kirima, conservation agriculture has been practiced in order to conserve soil and water for increased production.

We have excellent hostel and conference facilities in the station

We rear improved local chicken as an enterprise project in the station

We have a dispensary that is located in Kiritiri town

Success Stories from the Station


“We go for water from very far and taking a lot of time” a member of Kiambere community was explaining on how the community members fetch water from far.

Kiambere village is in Kiambere ward, Mbeere south Embu county. The village is located on Kiritiri Mutuobare road. In this village there is no permanent rivers except seasonal rivers that get water during the rainy season and dries up after the rains.

It was after a PVCA was done and the community members came up with four priorities as below

  • Drought
  • Hunger
  • Livestock diseases
  • Floods

During the training one member said “in this village there are very many big rocks which can be used and get a lot of water from them”” yes” , the other members said. They all agreed to do a rock catchment where they could build a tank and channel water from the rock into a tank and distribute water through piping closer to the community.

The community was mobilized to provide labor in order to construct the tank and put gutters around the rock. “our struggle for water has come to the end” we have carried these jars for long and have wasted a lot of time in search of water which could be used for other development activities” The women discussed.

The tank was constructed and the guttering was done on the rock before the onset of the rains. After the rains, the tank was full of water which took the community for 2 ½ months. The piping was done and the community members are happy for a lot of time has been saved for other development activities and also the distance was also shortened from 10kms to 3kms “This water is enough for domestic use and also for our livestock, “our girls have not been performing well in class work or even do their homework well due to the stress of water” No more going to those far distances in search of water” they commented.