ADSMKE Mitunguu Station

About Us

ADSMKE Mitunguu station was started in the year 1993 under the Christian Community Services. This was during the reign of the late Bishop David Gitari who was the Bishop of the Diocese of Mt Kenya East. The initial idea was that the station was serving communities in Tharaka, Meru Central and Meru South.

The main focus for the station was in extension and the key sectors it capitalized on during the early days were; agriculture, livestock improvement, water and environmental conservation. Food security was a major component bearing in mind that Tharaka is a semi-arid area and the technology that was being used in crop production was poor hence need for advanced skills to meet the needs of ever growing population.

In the station, seminars and trainings were organized by staff in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture to empower the community with relevant skill in agriculture and livestock production which were the common needs. Trainings were also organized at community level through outreaches. Both genders were involved during the trainings to ensure no gender was sidelined in anyway.

During this time many partners supported development work and some of the key partners were; IZE, Bread for the world, USAID and many others.  These partners supported development work in Mitunguu area and many households benefited particularly those that were lucky to be within the clusters where the organization was making outreaches.

The station started with three staff who were charged with the responsibility of offering extension services to farmers and organizing trainings at grass root level within the community.

Our Projects

We have a clinic that serves the community within Mitunguu

We have a nursery that has a variety of fruit seedlings and tree seedlings

We have a poultry project for egg and meat production

We have a hall that we hire for training purposes and also carry out our own training

Success stories from our station


Kirendene Self Help Group in Meru County, Imenti South was started back in the year 2005.The group had twenty five women and men. It started with an aim of pulling resources together among the members and up-lift their living standard. This was after the members realized that the only way they could have improved their livelihood was by coming together and working as a team. The group had by-laws which governed their activities, acted as basis for their unity and success since all members abided in them. They also registered their group with the Department of Social Services as a regulation from the government

In 2007 ADSMKE Mitunguu Station started a Rural Finance Programme with an aim of bringing together self help groups within its catchment. Kirendene SHG was one of the groups that joined the rural finance programme among many. ADSMKE trained the groups leaders on finance management and book keeping. However, members savings were as low as 50 shillings per month. With continuous support from ADSMKE the group members started borrowing small loans wisely repaying promptly and doing business.

Having learnt the skills of saving and the secret of saving and borrowing, they decided to have another parallel saving apart from the ADSMKE Rural Finance Programme. They accumulated savings and within a short time their borrowing power was enhanced. An individual could borrow as much as one hundred thousand shillings (100,000/=). According to the group members, they feel their capacity has been well built and every year the group goes for a trip to Mombasa