ADSMKE Sololo Station

About Us

Sololo Station was established in 1994, during its early years of establishment the station covered the larger Marsabit County until when Marsabit office was established to effectively and efficiently provide services across all the areas. From the time when Marsabit Station was established Sololo station remained to serve Moyale Sub County of Marsabit County as Marsabit Station covered North Horr, Laisamis and Sakhu Sub Counties. ADSMKE constantly reached out to all the villages within Moyale Sub County implementing different projects. Only between 2015 and 2017, the organization managed to reach out to 63 villages within the Sub – County implementing four different projects. The interventions significantly transformed lives and created positive impacts.

Past projects

The projects that were implemented in Moyale Sub County areas included Emergency Relief, Disaster Risk Reduction, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Livelihoods and Food Security, Water Sanitation and Hygiene, Health, Community Empowerment and CCMP among others. The major partners who funded those projects were Christian Aid, Tear Fund, Concern Worldwide, and Bread for the World and Diakonnie Katastrophenhilfe among others.

Current Projects

Although currently no active projects are being implemented in Moyale Sub County under Sololo Station, the physical presence of the organization in the area is still in existence. Sololo Station is being manned by the Marsabit Station Coordinator. Attempts are being made to secure funding for the station and full operations of the station will resume once the funding base for the station will be established.

Success stories from our station


Arosa village is in Goromuda sub location of Butiye location in Moyale Sub County of Marsabit County. It has about 260 households inhabited by approximately 1500 people.

In the year 2012 and 2013, the area was immensely affected by tribal clashes between the Borana and Gabra communities after conflict over water point and pasture land triggered war at Antuta before it spread to the rest of the parts of Moyale district.

Following the conflict, the Gabra community living in the area suffered  loss of lives,  mass looting of resources as some of their houses and domestic valuables  were burnt down to ashes. This brought Arosa’s economy to its knees leading to poverty and homelessness. This forced many people to live in tents and ‘thases” (houses constructed using grasses, sticks and other locally available materials) in post- conflict resettlement as they went back to their initial homes.  Many families found themselves in desperate situations with no homes. The already poor families were left with no hope of restorations of their state of normalcy.

Through community conversations (CC) which is an approach used in the Community Empowerment project implemented by ADSMKE in partnership with Concern Worldwide, members of Arosa 1 and Arosa 2 community conducted joint sessions, they identified, explored and agreed on the way forward to address the challenges of homelessness. The members of the CC groups owned up the idea of the need to have community dialogues in order to come up with solutions to their own problems. They soon agreed to make financial contributions to help the less fortunate in the community in ways such as building better houses for them.

The members identified two most needy families who desperately needed shelter.  They started constructing houses for the needy families through the joint efforts of the two groups. They managed to successfully complete the two houses and they have plans to construct more for other most vulnerable households who are in need of shelter. The two families are currently living in better houses and are enjoying dignified living.