ADSMKE Wang’uru Station

Our History

ADSMKE Wang’uru station was started in 1990 as a food increase program. It later started the department of health. The program was meant to reach out to Kirinyaga people and established in Mwea, the marginal part of the county.

A full office was established / constructed the same time. Other constructions followed later like the 2 hostels, a class which was later converted to a training hall, a kitchen and a dining hall. Two staff houses were constructed with a purpose to host those who will be overseeing the station activities.

A clinic was also established within the office block, where a few offices were converted to a clinic rooms. The money generated was used to construct a separate structure as a clinic.

The farm acts as a demonstration farm and field days and other trainings were conducted here.

The agriculture department reached out to communities /farmers by employing various disciplines and methodologies. We used churches and groups as our entry point.

The marginal parts were identified and staff were distributed to work in these units to be nearer the people