ADSMKE Isiolo Station

About Us

Isiolo Station was started in 1987 as Food Increase Programme covering Isiolo County with Two Projects ie

Food Increase Programme with the following activities

  • Food security, Farm Demonstration on indigenous food varieties, Capacity building on improved farming technologies and techniques. Training of Contact farmers (CF).
  • Community Health.
  • This entailed Mobile clinics, training of Community Health Workers (CHW) This resulted into the start of Static clinics and Dispensary

In 1997, the Food Increase programme was renamed to Food Security Programme and in 1998 we started Sustainability activities in Isiolo with the starting of the Isiolo Dispensary and the Hostels.

Isiolo being among the Northern Frontier Districts is subject to frequent drought, floods and tribal conflicts within the communities who include Turkana, Samburu, Borana, Somali and the Meru.

The Station has been responding to the issues as they come through Relief food distribution, water tracking, Livestock feed distribution and conflict resolution meetings.

Currently the Station is operating a food Security and Nutrition Project at Kipsing, at the Station there is a Dispensary, Hostel which host KMTC Students, and we raise Day Old Chicks for One Month and sell to the community as we encourage raising of small livestock as a source of food and nutrition.