Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East

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Climate Change

The organization is cognizant of the fact that climate change affects cross section of sectors affecting lives and prospects of the populace that it serves. It therefore focuses on three interrelated issues that climate change may profoundly affect namely: water Access, Food Security and Sovereignty and Sustainable Livelihoods. The organization is at the forefront in promoting Farmers Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) concept with the local communities

ADSMKE promotes climate change adaptation technologies intended to conserve water and soil this include conservation agriculture, modern farming technologies such as use of drip lines, zai pits among others

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We build the advocacy skills of women, youth and indigenous peoples, and securing their greater participation in climate change decision-making at local, national and international levels
access to information
Improving access to information so that communities better understand how climate change affects their natural resources, livelihoods and cultural traditions.
local initiatives
Supporting community-driven climate resilient development solutions.
movement infrastructure
Providing general operating support to community-based organizations in order to strengthen community structures for networking, knowledge sharing and community engagement.
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leadership development
Increasing the skills of emerging leaders among women, youth and indigenous communities so that they can enhance collective action around climate justice.
green anglican movement
environmental conservation
We are part of the Green Anglican Movement that is being spearheaded by Rt. Rev. Dr Jackson Ole Sapit the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Kenya. The movement hopes to actively create awareness among community members to help restore nature. The Anglican Church has prioritized environmental stewardship as a core ministry  intervention across the country, it targets to plant over 15 million trees. Other thematic areas include waste management and clean energy adoption