Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East

A Society that enjoys a wholesome dignified living

Macumo Station

The station started in the year 1991 as a food increase program and is currently running two programs on community food security and nutrition and the other one on enterprise development which is holistic development of human beings in totality. The station is based in Embu County along the Meru-Ishiara route near Ugweri market. The station has been dealing with positive transformation of people in; economic empowerment,

Our Projects

livestock production
This involves poultry farming, bee keeping and dairy goat farming.
food security
This involves kitchen gardening, use of zai pit farming and conservation agricultural methods.
natural resource management
This involves soil and water conservation through water catchment protection, tree planting along riparian area. Use of water harvesting technologies like surface runoff, root catchment

Our Departments

Sunflower processing unit

This is a value addition unit used for sunflower processing where farmers acquire oil and seed cake for their household consumption and animal feed respectively.

farm and livestock unit

This is used as a demonstration unit within the station for training the community and as an income generating activity for the station.

conference and accommodation

We have a conference facility and accommodation for over 20 people .