Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East

A Society that enjoys a wholesome dignified living

Maua Station

ADSMKE Maua Station was started in 1988, with the aim of fighting food insecurity, poor health services, poverty, lack of clean domestic water and environmental conservation. The station is situated on the East 300 metres from the highway o your way to Nyambene sub-county hospital.

The livelihood of the communities in the region depends on agriculture and pastrolists. The main agricultural activity is miraa farming, which determines peoples livelihood especially in Maua town, this business thrives well at night opening avenues for other businesses to operate long hours. The negative effect of this business is that young children especially boys have a lot of money from miraa, facilitating them to buy sex even from older women, leading to high increase of HIV/AIDS prevalence, there is also a high school dropout rate which results to early marriages and prostitution


Our Projects

conservation agriculture
The project was working with 200 households in the sub-counties of Tigania East and Tigania West in Meru County with the objective of improving food security for 1000 people.
rural finance program
This project has 230 members and a capital base of 2.1 million shillings. It encourages members to save in shares then give members loans against their shares

Our Departments


We have rental houses with a capacity of over 20 houses


We have a clinic with a fully equiped lab. It operates as an out patient facility offering preventive, promotive and curative services

kanjoo farm

Our farm is currently planted with fruit trees and nuts. We have planted grafted mangoes, grafted avocadoes and macadamia