Anglican Development Services of Mt. Kenya East

A Society that enjoys a wholesome dignified living

Mayori Station

ADSMKE Mayori station is charged with the responsibility of undertaking development activities in the Anglican Church of Kenya within Mbeere diocese in Embu County. The station was initiated in 1994 as a food increase program. This was motivated by frequent droughts and food insecurity situation in the catchment area. It took a sectoral approach to develpment and in  1998 its approach  changed to integrated approach thus undertaking integrated services to the community in a holistic way in order to fulfill God's mission to its people

Our Projects

food security
Field and station demonstration, filed visits, one day training were undertaken with a purpose of building the capacity of the farmers on drought resistant crop varieties for increased production.
Dam desilting has been done by the community in order to increase the volume of surface runoff which could take them for a longer period. We have also been able to do a rock catchment and constructed 3 tanks each having a capacity of 150000 litres. They provide water to 570 households
Tree planting exrecise with the clergy
environmental conservation
Through community mobilization, communities have been able to plant trees in the degraded areas like Kiambere hill with a purpose of promoting environmental management and conservation in the farmers farms

Our Departments


We have a fully equipped dispensary in Kiritiri town.


We carry out integrated community development programs.


We have hostels and conference facilities within the station.